Authors & Contact

Project managers and co-authors of the materials

Dumitrița Simion

Main project leader, Hugarafl (Iceland)

Klazine Tuinier

Project manager, HerstelTalent (the Netherlands)

Merle Purre

Project manager, Estonian Youth Movement for Mental Health (Estonia)

Authors of the e-learning

In addition to contributions from all the project managers, the e-learning would not exist without the wits and effort from the following people: 

  • Hedvig Madisson (main editor and co-author of the e-learning)
  • Martijn Nouwels
  • Málfríður Hrund
  • Inga Hanna Gabrielsdottir
  • Fjóla Kristín Ólafardóttir
  • Helen Voogla
  • Martti Sepp
  • Eia Vänzel
  • Liza 
  • Karl Erik Saks
  • Maari Põim 
  • All translators and editors for the Dutch, Estonian and Icelandic versions

Authors of the toolkit

The toolkit was created as a collaboration that came to life thanks to the following brilliant people (in addition to the project managers): 

  • Hedvig Madisson
  • Birgit Malken
  • Martijn Nouwels 
  • Helena Heidemann
  • Hanna Reimand
  • All translators and editors for the Dutch, Estonian and Icelandic versions

The Peer Support+ materials are created in collaboration by three mental health organisations

HUGARAFL (e. Mindpower) is an Icelandic peer run NGO founded in the year 2003. At the core of Hugarafl’s work stands the ideology of empowerment, that is put into practice through every activity and interaction. Peer support and eCPR are some of the main tools we use, following a recovery model.

Some of Hugarafl’s activities are:

  • Groups for study, discussion and experience sharing about empowerment, recovery, trauma, the mental health system;
  • Educational groups on psychology topics such as self-confidence, autonomy etc.;
  • Hearing voices peer group;
  • Peer support;
  • Support groups for friends and families;
  • Yoga;
  • Mental health education for students;
  • Empowering group for youth;
  • International collaborative projects;
  • Writing articles, media coverage and legislative input on mental health;
  • Conferences, lectures and workshops;
  • Artwork and music;
  • Therapy and counseling.

HerstelTalent (e. RecoveryTalent) is a Dutch peer run NGO founded in 2015. Our mission is to support people to find their personal meaning of life. We want to be excellent in how we use ‘knowledge gathered by life-experience’ as a source of recovery. Everybody that works for HerstelTalent has their own experiences with complicated life-circumstances. They also reflected on their own experience with recovery and used this knowledge to support other people. We support them in community centers or at home. We also give advice about recovery to boards of mental health hospitals and city-councils.

Estonian Youth Movement for Mental Health is a youth-led NGO that was founded in 2017. The members have a big dream: that one day, every young person in Estonia can grow up in a society supportive of mental health. We engage in three types of activities: raising awareness of mental health and recovery; giving voice to young people experiencing mental health issues through advocacy; and offering a supportive community for our members.

We especially value experience stories of recovery, having discovered their unique power among many audiences - students, parents, teachers, policy makers and others alike. We have developed experience story training so that valuable life experiences of our members could be shared as recovery stories, shining light on difficult topics and giving encouragement to people experiencing similar issues. We pay special attention to keep the process supportive for both our experts by experience as well as their audiences.