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Learn about Peer Support in Mental Health

These materials have been created by people with a passion for what peer support in mental health can accomplish. You’ll find an introductory course to get to know the basics, as well as a toolkit that holds more in-depth and practical materials. 

For whom are these materials created for?

  • These materials are for everyone who is interested in how to use their lived experience to enrich the life of other people who are struggling with their mental health.
  • People who wish to improve their communication skills and find ways to create meaningful and trusting relationships
  • Interested people from any field or speciality, but especially youth and social work, community organising, advocacy etc

Peer support in the mental health field is offered by an individual who has a lived experience of trauma, psychiatric diagnosis and/or emotional distress, after doing some work with their experience and learning the core principles of peer support.

Our Experience in Peer Support

Peer support is a way of relating to someone through shared humanity and core commonalities with the goal to offer and/or receive support.

Authors experienced in Peer Support

Authors of this e-course and toolkit have learned and practiced Peer Support in mental health through many years, as well as in different types of organisations. 

International perspective

We have combined perspectives from three  countries and mental health organizations in Europe to include insights from very different socioeconomical settings and mental health systems. 

Unique focus on experience stories on mental health

Storytelling is an art, and especially in telling stories of recovery. We guide you in how to share your experience in a way that’s supportive and safe for both you and your peers. 

Thoughts on Peer Support

Created in collaboration by three organisations in Iceland, Netherlands and Estonia
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